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Cat Interrupts Major League Baseball Game To Run Across The Field

A cat put the Angels-Cardinals game on pause in the fourth inning when it sprinted across the field.

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"Don't mind me. Just wanna run the bases real quick." Via Fox Sports

While baseball games are fun to watch, they can also be incredibly long, and slower paced than most other sports. So it helps to occasionally have something interesting or unprecedented happen to keep fans engaged.

And when a cat hopped onto the field in the middle of the St. Louis Cardinals-Los Angeles Angels game on Thursday, fans were certainly interested.

In a video posted on Fox Sports, the cat is seen racing across the infield during the fourth inning, luckily before the pitcher releases a pitch.

Via Fox Sports

Well that’s one way to round the bases. Via Fox Sports

The cat runs at full speed toward the third base line then leaps straight into the stands.

Eventually a stadium employee was able to reach the cat, and it was safely removed from the action.

Via Fox Sports

Run, kitty! RUN! Via Fox Sports

But man, that cat can run!

Is there an opening for a pinch runner? Hire the cat.

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