Cat Insists On Walkies With Bulldog

Working out is hard. Friends help.

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Exercise is always better with a buddy. Via emiliaelmiles
Anastasia Thrift

Chubby the Bulldog doesn’t really like going on walks. His owner sometimes struggles to get him on his daily stroll. But a motivating workout partner is helping make exercise a little more fun.

Eddie the cat loves to go on walks with his Bulldog friend, Chubby. In a Rumble video posted by emiliaelmile, the Bulldog slogs along while the cat sidles up to, in front of and around the reluctant dog.

While Chubby needs his walkies, Eddie is only along for fun. And she seems to have a lot of fun. She snuggles Chubby, rolls on the ground and weaves under and around the leash. She makes the walk more enjoyable and less grueling.

Eddie is the ultimate workout partner. Maybe Chubby will learn from her and begin to love his walks.

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