Cat Initiates Scheme on How to Keep Human Home

The plan was likely put in place as a means of getting more cat treats during the day.

Have you ever felt guilty about leaving your cat at home while you go off to work or school? Have you ever wondered if that’s by design? Your cat may give you the sad eyes every time you leave to deliberately guilt you into staying and shower her with treats and snuggles.

That is apparently what’s happening with Redditor jesklash and her cat. The cat is gorgeous and has the saddest sad eyes any pet parent has seen. Jesklash, who titled the post, “It has never been harder to leave my apartment,” captioned each image perfectly. According to jesklash, her cat first waits by the door, then holds the door open and finally makes humans weep. Take a look:

It’s clearly a plot to get to the human to stay home and provide more treats, right?


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