Cat Waits Rain Or Shine For Mailman To Deliver Some Cuddle Time

A postman in New Zealand greets a cat daily with some neck and head rubs.

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A cat in New Zealand waits everyday for Postman Lee Davis to deliver some cuddles and neck rubs. Via Lee Davis/Facebook
John Virata

A letter carrier in New Zealand has one heck of a cool relationship with a pet that greets him on his route every day, rain or shine. Levi Davis, a mailman with the New Zealand Post, uploaded a video to his Facebook page showing him pulling up to a house on his mail bike as a cat appears from an adjacent house and follows Davis up a driveway.

While Davis records the video, the kitty leads Davis up the driveway to the mailbox. The cat then jumps up on the mailbox and waits for Davis to get closer. As Davis stops his mail bike, the cat jumps onto the sack of mail on the bike’s handlebars, where she gets what she came out of the house to get — not the mail, like what an ordinary dog might get, but some cuddle time with Davis. The video ends just like it begins, with Davis saying “My little friend” as he gently scratches the cat on her neck and head.

My little buddy. Everyday I do the mail run this cat comes to seee me lol. . Regardless of the weather . . . #cuteness #newbuddy

Posted by Levi Davis on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Some folks might think that cats are standoffish, unlike some dogs. But some cats look for friendship in human strangers, like this cat from New Zealand who, like the mailman, always delivers (cuddle time), rain or shine.

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