Cat In Avocado Costume Is Best Outfit Ever. Arguments To The Contrary Are Invalid.

Willow The Squishy Cat wins Halloween.

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We advocate for this avocado as supreme queen of Halloween. Via Willow The Squishy Cat/Instagram
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There is an avocado shortage in California due to a strike but you can still get your fix and feel complete and fulfilled at the same time when you look in the eyes of this cat in an avocado costume who clearly has the best Halloween outfit ever this year.


I KNOW GUAC IS EXTRA ??Thanks @annecyusername for the suggestion! #willoween #avocado #avocato

A photo posted by Willow (@willowthesquishycat) on

Willow the Squishy Cat debuted her Avocato costume on Instagram three days ago and the world has never been the same. Her beautiful black face makes the perfect pit in the earthy green vegetable (which is technically a fruit but we need to up our vegetable intake so we’re claiming this one as a veggie) and the internet has fallen in love.

It doesn’t end there. Her grid is filled with super cute costumes including mermaid, Yoda and meta costume Nyan cat. Scroll further and you’ll see sushi, unicorn and Eleven from Petcha personal favorite “Stranger Things.”

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan! ??#willoween #nyancat #poptartcat #meow

A photo posted by Willow (@willowthesquishycat) on

Before becoming a holiday supermodel, Willow was a mom cat at a hoarder/breeder’s house, according to her bio. We’re glad she’s been rescued and given the good life as a clearly well-loved solo cat.

ET phone home!! ??Thank u @emmateacup for the suggestion! #willoween #etphonehome #et

A photo posted by Willow (@willowthesquishycat) on

Willow wins Halloween, paws down. She gets points for the sheer number of unbelievable costumes as well as for the 2016 super prize pick of Avocato. You’re spooktacular, Willow.

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