Cat Hotel’s Cozy Quarters Meant To Ease Stress

A capsule hotel meant only for cats gives them comfortable, quiet spaces.

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Cats get out-of-room playtime during their stay. Via Nekoya Cat Hotel/Facebook
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Having your own space is a great way to prevent stress. You can do some real self-care when you are in a comfortable, secure spot.

One hotel in Singapore believes this is the case for cats, too, and has created a hotel for cats to reduce stress, Mashable reports. The Nekoya Cat Hotel opened late last year, and its goal is to provide a safe space for cats to stay while their owners are away.

Each suite has three separate areas, for kitty comfort. Via Nekoya Cat Hotel/Facebook

“There is a higher need for cats to feel safe and secure when out of their familiar environments,” co-founder Debrah Lau told the news outlet, when comparing cats’ needs to those of dogs.

The hotel maximizes its 300 square feet to give cats all the things they love. Via Nekoya Cat Hotel/Facebook

One way they create that feeling is by having all 15 boarding spaces face the same way, toward a large window. The cats can’t see each other and feel threatened or aggressive.

Homeless kittens like Edna get a chance at adoption while staying at the hotel as a foster cat. Via Nekoya Cat Hotel/Facebook

Each “suite” has a separate eating area, litter box nook and sleeping space. There are cool and warm resting spaces, to cater to how cats might be feeling at the moment.

They are let out for playtime and petting, likely individually. The 300-square-foot space might seem small but it fits a lot into it. In fact, they set aside a couple of quarters for homeless cats in need, to give them a place where they can await adoption.

It’s a great idea that might help a lot of cats, with or without families. We wish we lived closer and could give it a try!

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