Cat Hospice Care Resources

Where to go when you decide to use cat hospice care

An increasing number of owners today choose to provide hospice care at home for their terminally ill cats as an alternative to premature euthanasia. Under the direction of a cat veterinarian, a hospice team is usually put into place to provide cat parents with educational support and emotional comfort throughout the dying process.

Some cats — cats stricken with certain types of cancer, for instance — only survive a few weeks. Other cats live for several months until a natural death occurs or the cat owner decides to euthanize.

A few cat veterinarians offering end-of-life care are listed below. To find a cat health care provider in your area, do an online search or call nearby animal hospitals to inquire about hospice services.

Animal Oncology Consultation Service
Alice Villalobos, DVM
Woodland Hills, Calif.
Phone: (818) 712-0060

Compassionate Care Cat Hospice
Susan Chew, DVM
Albany, Calif.
Phone: (510) 725-5206

Rainbow Bridge Vet Services
Anthony J. Smith, DVM
Hercules, Calif.
Phone: (510) 381-3389

Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Fort Collins, Colo.
Phone: (970)297-4143

Compassionate Veterinary Care
Amir Shanan, DVM
Chicago, Ill.  
Phone:  (773) 327-5024

New York
Lancaster Small Animal Hospital
Kimberly Dusza, DVM
Bowmansville, N.Y.
Phone: (716) 681-3033

North Carolina
Shearer Pet Health Hospital
Tamara S. Shearer, DVM
Sylva, N.C.
Phone: (828) 586-3300

Gentle Journey Veterinary Hospice
Nancy A. Ruffing, DVM
Pittsburgh, Penn.
Phone: (412) 801-1071

South Dakota
Canyon Lake Veterinary Hospital
Serena Heig, DMV
Rapid City, S.D.
Phone: (605) 348-6150

Mobile Veterinary Services
Tina Ellenbogen, DVM
Bothell, Wash.
Phone: (425)485-7387

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