Cat Hitches Ride on Glider

Before you go for a ride in a glider, make sure you check for cats.

On what probably started out as a routine flight on a glider flight, a man and woman ascend into the skies. The pair is enjoying the view and the feeling of being in an open cockpit flying high above the ground. But the camera catches something the people in the plane do not: there’s a cat on the wing. The cat was likely taking what he thought was a glorious nap until suddenly he found himself too high up – even for a cat. When the man sees the furry feline – or more accurately, frightened furry feline – he is startled. It appears as though he’s trying not to alert his passenger of the situation and the cat’s meows cannot be heard over the noise of the wind and glider. Thankfully the cat holds on tightly and they make it safely to the ground.

What do you imagine the cat was thinking when he discovered he was flying?

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