Sneaky Cat Helps Puppy Escape Dog Pen Prison

When a puppy can't figure out a way to get out of a dog pen, a cat comes to the rescue and busts the pup out.

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"Dude, get me out of here!" Via Erica Borrowdale/YouTube
Chrissa Hardy

When you’re trapped in a place in which you cannot escape — mentally or physically — it’s your true friends that’ll come and bust you out.

That was certainly the case for a puppy who couldn’t get out of its dog pen. In a video uploaded to YouTube by Erica Borrowdale, a small dog is seemingly seeking a way out of a canvas dog house.

Even though the pen is without a top, the dog still can’t seem to get out on its own.

Via Erica Borrowdale/YouTube

“Ugh, I am NEVER gonna get out of here.” Via Erica Borrowdale/YouTube

Enter the dog’s cat BFF.

The cat shows up, surveys the scene and starts coming up with a plan to get the dog out.

Via Erica Borrowdale/YouTube

Cat bestie to the rescue! Via Erica Borrowdale/YouTube

After an unsuccessful attempt to paw at the front pouch of the pen, the cat leans on the side until the wall collapses.

Then the dog races out with the cat chasing closely behind.


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