Cat Helps Police Get Car Theft Suspect Off a Ledge

Well, that’s not something you hear every day. Does the cat get an honorary badge?

Earlier this week a man driving a Toyota Highlander was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer. While Officer Vu Williams was obtaining the driver’s information, the man bolted, CBS San Francisco reports, hopped a fence and ran into a building. It was later revealed that the Highlander was reported stolen.

Police found the unnamed suspect in a second-story window. He was only wearing shorts and he was threatening to jump, according to CBS San Francisco. For three hours police tried to talk the man down, only succeeding when his family brought his cat to the scene. The presence of the cat calmed the suspect, enabling police to get him safely inside before arresting him.

The power of cats is amazing – relieving stress in the most stressful situations. We think the cat should be awarded as an honorary officer of the San Francisco CHP.

Has your cat ever calmed you during a high-stress situation?


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