Cat Helps Owner With Taxes By Knocking Papers Off The Table

Knocking things over seems to be what cats do best.

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This cat is up to no good.
Chrissa Hardy

Cats are interesting creatures. Sometimes they have the best intentions and want to help their humans, and end up knocking things over and making a mess. Other times, they purposely knock things over and make a mess.

A video of a man doing his taxes when his cat jumps on the table to say hi seems like the former. The video was shared on YouTube by Caters Clips and shows the cat walking across the couch to where its owner is sitting at the table filling out tax forms.

“Mind if I destroy all your hard work?” Via Caters Clips/YouTube

Seems innocent enough.

Then the cat jumps onto the table and chaos ensues.

“Success!” Via Caters Clips/YouTube

The cat slides across the table, and off the other side, taking all the paper work along for the ride.

The lesson is that cats don’t make good accountants, clearly.

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