Cat Helps Fellow Pets in Pain

Radamenes was a patient at a Polish vet clinic until his recovery, when he became a sort of nurse to the other pets.

Cat people, myself included, often admit our beloved pets, cute as they are, can be … well, frankly, jerks. Cats can behave rudely with humans, by knocking over our drinks or bullying other cats. Sometimes, however, kitties can be heartwarmingly sweet and kind with their fellow felines — like Radamenes, a black cat who has become a cat Florence Nightingale at a Polish vet clinic.

According to Bored Panda, veterinarians at the clinic in Bydgoszcz, Poland, thought they would have to euthanize Radamenes when he first came in because he had a severe respiratory infection but they changed their minds when he meowed. Since his recovery, Radamenes has become an angelic cat nurse of sorts who gives TLC to sick and injured animals at the clinic — mostly cats, but as some of the pictures show, he will comfort dogs happily, too. Radamenes loves on, hugs and grooms patients at the clinic, where he now is known as the mascot.

This story supports a theory I have about black cats, based on my own blackie, Gormly Girl (G.G.) and other little panthers I have known. Sadly, so many people pass them over for adoption, but these ebony-colored felines have oodles of personality plus, and often are friendlier and more affectionate than cats of different coat colors. So please think about adopting a black cat or kitten. You just may end up with a lovebug like Radamenes!

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