Cat Heartbroken After Being Given Up In Favor Of A Couch

Tiger Tim ended up at a shelter and became so distraught that he wouldn’t touch is food.

Tiger Tim’s health got worse since being surrendered by his human. Via Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming/Facebook

Cats are given up for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s health-related (as in allergies). Sometimes it has to do with where the human lives. But the reason Tiger Tim was relinquished to a shelter was something we’d never heard of. His owner gave him to New York City Animal Care and Control because she (the owner) was getting new couches.

We don’t get it either and it’s not clear why Tiger Tim had to leave his home because of a couch.

Regardless, the change in scenery has left Tiger Tim distraught. He is currently in foster care after being taken from the shelter by Magnificat Cat Rescue. In a lengthy Facebook post, the rescue said that the tabby is deteriorating because of his refusal to eat or drink. In the post they said this of Tiger Tim: “He is never aggressive; just so sad, curled into a little ball of misery. His heart is broken.”

Since that post, Magnificat has posted several updates. On June 8, 2015, Tiger Tim was hospitalized, after having lost 2.7 pounds in a week. He was given an IV due to dehydration and muscle loss, and his blood test results revealed that his white blood cell count was elevated. He was then put on strong antibiotics. On the plus side, Magnificat states that Tiger Tim does not have hepatic lipidosis and his kidney values are good. The latest news came last night: “Tiger Tim has fluid around his lungs. Not pneumonia, but a worrisome build up of fluids. Our vet tapped his chest tonight and extracted 50 ml. At least the fluid was not yellow and putrid, which would have pointed towards FIP. The fluid was sent off to a specialized lab and we should know more by tomorrow. But it is definitely not good. We do have a bit of encouraging news, though. Tiger Tim is in a cage in the same room where the vets work, not in the isolation cages in the basement. All day long there is activity around him, and Tiger Tim is getting more than his fair share of attention from vet techs and receptionists, who stop constantly at his cage to say hello and pet him. It must be doing him good, because he seemed to perk up a bit. Best of all, he actually ate a little on his own!”

Whether all of this was brought on by a broken heart from being given up by his human of seven years or whether he was already ill is not clear. According to a Magnificat Facebook post, the woman who surrendered Tiger Tim said he was a good, well-behaved, affectionate cat who followed her around the house and waited for her at the door every night when she got home. The post says that Tiger Tim cried when she left him at the shelter.

We hope that he gets better and finds a loving home.

For updates on Tiger Tim, or to make a donation for his care, visit the Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming Facebook page.

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