Cat Heads To University Daily To Cuddle With Students

The “Campus Cat” helps de-stress students at the University of Augsburg in Germany.

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Campus Cat fulfilling one her job duties. Via CampusCat Augsburg/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

College can be stressful. Oftentimes students are away from home for the first time. Not only do they have to adjust to being in a new environment, they also need to make friends, attend classes and get good grades. They’re doing this while participating in sports or clubs, studying for increasingly difficult exams and trying to be an adult when they may not quite feel like one yet. With all the activities college students have going on, sometimes they just need to take a moment to breathe deeply and relax.

Enter Campus Cat.

Every day the ginger cat visits the University of Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany, and hangs out with the students, helping them de-stress, Bored Panda reports. While her real name is unknown, she takes on her duties as Campus Cat very seriously.

Duty No. 1: Ensure The Campus Is Safe At Night

No unauthorized visitors allowed! The students know they’re protected.

Duty No. 2: Keep The Seats Warm For The Students

Nap optional.

Duty No. 3: Give Cuddles Between Classes

This is particularly helpful on days with several classes.

Duty No. 4: Taste Test Students’ Food

Campus Cat does not want anyone to get sick and miss their finals.

Duty No. 5: Ensure No Cars Are Stolen

A stolen car equals more stress; Campus Cat does not want her students to have more stress.

Duty No. 6: Help Students Study

Encouragement is key.

Duty No. 7: Give More Cuddles

Cuddling is a top priority and is handled at every available opportunity.

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