Cat Hasn’t Missed Family Dinner in 19 Years

Family values cat has family values. Meet Tumble.

Rarely can someone say he or she has never missed a family meal, but for Tumble the cat it’s easy.

For 19 years, Tumble (who is now 19 and a half years old) has been present for every single meal with his human family – overseeing his charges as they chow down on the day’s delicacy, and ensuring that they lick their plates clean (figuratively speaking), all while perched upon his very own pedestal at the table.

And when the tea has been consumed (they’re British), and the dishes cleared away? Tumble, being the friendly feline that he is, begs for a bit of attention from his humans.

“Very much loved, but very peculiar cat!” Tumble’s family member, RedditBlob, said in a post via Reddit.

If Tumble can make it to the dinner table on time, what’s stopping you?

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