Cat Hangs Around Nursing Home, Lands Job There, Becomes Star Staff Member

“Keep hanging around and they’ll hire you,” she must have told herself.

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"Can I help mew?"
Anastasia Thrift

What’s the one thing that would make a stay at a care facility better? If you’re on this site, your answer is probably pets and that is 100 percent right, especially if that pet is Oreo.

Oreo the cat is a former stray who has “worked” at St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio, for the past couple of years, according to Her main job is to keep residents and staff happy, and she’s nailing it.

“Can I help mew?”

“She’s like our family here. She helps the residents, she helps the employees, and we just love her,” Carmen Delgado, receptionist, said in a video by

The little black and white cat used to hang around outside the facility, where she lived as a stray. After staff began feeding her and keeping an eye on her, she made her way farther and farther into the nursing home (and into their hearts) until she moved inside full-time. Now she takes everyone’s mind off their work or stay by offering petting time and photo ops.

“She’s kind of become the neighborhood — our greater neighborhood here of our facility — cat,” Dana Carns, director of advancement, said in the video. “Everybody here really loves her.”

Preparing for lap duty. Via

Carns went on to say that most of the people at the nursing home had pets but had to give them up when the residents moved into the facilities. With Oreo there, she says, residents can come out and pet the cat and see what the cat is doing and have that human/animal bond again.

“I think it just brings a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles and a lot of feelings of normalcy for the residents and the people who work here,” she said in the video.

Yes, staff, too, benefit from her her presence. Carn says she gets a lot of pictures, even after hours, from workers sharing cute and funny kitty moments.

Amazing how one purring furball can bring comfort and levity to so many people. A little pet can go a long way.

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