Man Tries To Take A Cute Halloween Photo Of His Cats, Cats Have Other Plans

All this man wanted to do is get a cute photo of his cats in Halloween costumes. Silly, human.

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These cats REFUSE to focus on the task at hand. Typical.
Chrissa Hardy

Gathering your pets for a cute Halloween photo seems like a simple task, right? Wrong.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Cole and Marmalade, a cat owner tries getting his two cats, whom he actually managed to put Halloween costumes on, to pose in front of a city scene he created using a tarp and a few decorated boxes. You only need what? Four seconds of stillness to take a photo. So that can surely be done, can’t it?

Well, the cats are completely distracted from the very beginning.

"Can't I set the scene, Marmalade?!" Via YouTube

“Can’t I set the scene, Marmalade?!” Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

Cole and Marmalade (surprisingly) willingly get into their costumes, transforming them into “Batcat” and “Supermarm,” but that’s where their cooperation ends.

"Okay, sit still. No. Wait. Come back!" Via YouTube

“OK, sit still. No. Wait. Come back!” Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

Their owner then tries every trick in the book to get them to sit and look at the camera. He tries dangly things, toys, and treats. Nothing works.

"Fine. Just do whatever you want, I guess." Via YouTube

“Fine. Just do whatever you want, I guess.” Via Cole and Marmalade/YouTube

The key is letting the cats have control. Of course, right? Once the cats choose to relax for a moment, the photo can finally be taken.

They didn’t make it easy on him, though, that’s for sure!


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