Cat Guy Dos, Cat Guy Don’ts

We round up photos and videos of Cat Guys getting it right, and Cat Guys getting it wrong.

If you’re a cat fan looking for a fella who also loves felines this Valentine’s Day, consider the following before cuddling up on the couch with a potential Crazy Cat Man. Here is a list of Cat Guy Dos & Don’ts (with love and apologies to Vice Magazine).

Cat Guy Dos, Cat Guy Don’ts
Do: Pose for calendars that help cat charities. Shirts optional.

Don’t: Try to get into cat calendars, or anywhere, by shaving your chest hair to connect to your beard to make it look like a cat. (Think it wouldn’t happen? Think again.)

Do: Delight in the natural predatory instinct and awesomeness of cats, like this mailman negotiating with a feline letter-fighter.

Don’t: Pretend to dislike cats and wear it like a badge of honor.

Do: Become a world-renowned Olympic athlete  – like Andy Newell below, Chris Creveling or Nick Goepper  – who rises to fame but still calls or Skypes his cat from halfway around the world.

Do: Care for cats, advocate for cats’ proper treatment, and be unafraid to own it.

Don’t: Try to be the male equivalent of the “Crazy Cat Lady,” or adopt cats just to make yourself seem attractive.

Do: Create a documentary on guys who love cats.

Don’t: Get a cat to make yourself seem less threatening than you totally are.

Do: Share your cat with the world and use his or her fame to bring attention to needy shelter cats everywhere.

Don’t: Make your cat fight your battles.

Do: Join the growing number of single men who are adopting cats.

Don’t: Drag your cat through your drama and subject it to stress.

Do: Create tributes to cats through art.

Don’t: Get this gross cat tattoo.

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