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Cat Guy Dos, Cat Guy Don’ts

We round up photos and videos of Cat Guys getting it right, and Cat Guys getting it wrong.

We round up photos and videos of Cat Guys getting it right, and Cat Guys getting it wrong.

If you’re a cat fan looking for a fella who also loves felines this Valentine’s Day, consider the following before cuddling up on the couch with a potential Crazy Cat Man. Here is a list of Cat Guy Dos & Don’ts (with love and apologies to Vice Magazine).

Cat Guy Dos, Cat Guy Don’ts
Do: Pose for calendars that help cat charities. Shirts optional.

Don’t: Try to get into cat calendars, or anywhere, by shaving your chest hair to connect to your beard to make it look like a cat. (Think it wouldn’t happen? Think again.)

Do: Delight in the natural predatory instinct and awesomeness of cats, like this mailman negotiating with a feline letter-fighter.

Don’t: Pretend to dislike cats and wear it like a badge of honor.

Do: Become a world-renowned Olympic athlete  – like Andy Newell below, Chris Creveling or Nick Goepper  – who rises to fame but still calls or Skypes his cat from halfway around the world.

Do: Care for cats, advocate for cats’ proper treatment, and be unafraid to own it.

Don’t: Try to be the male equivalent of the “Crazy Cat Lady,” or adopt cats just to make yourself seem attractive.

Do: Create a documentary on guys who love cats.

Don’t: Get a cat to make yourself seem less threatening than you totally are.

Do: Share your cat with the world and use his or her fame to bring attention to needy shelter cats everywhere.

Don’t: Make your cat fight your battles.

Do: Join the growing number of single men who are adopting cats.

Don’t: Drag your cat through your drama and subject it to stress.

Do: Create tributes to cats through art.

Don’t: Get this gross cat tattoo.

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