Cat, Guinea Pig, Squirrel Meet At Their Favorite Hangout

These guys get together and just, you know, dish.

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This windowsill is the place to be. Via BraddockB/Rumble

Neighbors are great to hang out with. You can keep up with the news on your street and even gossip a little.

So we are going to project some neighborhood chatter on a cat and a guinea pig who have befriended a squirrel in a video recently posted to Rumble. We think the conversation might go a little something like this.

Guinea Pig: “Hey, squirrelfriend! What’s up?”

Squirrel: “Haaayyyy.”

Cat: “You see that dog walk by? He drives me crazy.”

Squirrel: “Tell me about it. He chased me the other day. So rude.”

Cat: “I heard he doesn’t even have balls.”

Guinea Pig:“You can tell.”

<eruption of giggles>

Neighbors keep you up on all the gossip. Via BraddockB/Rumble

Neighbors keep you up on all the gossip. Via BraddockB/Rumble

Cat: “What are you up to later?”

Squirrel: “I might go over there and scamper. You?”

Guinea Pig: “Gotta chew hay for about an hour while staring off into space.”

Cat: “And I have to move some small items on shelves to the floor to see if gravity is still a thing.”

Squirrel: “All right — catch you later!”

Cat & Guinea Pig: “Byyyyyyyeee!”

And, scene.

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