Cat Grinds Teeth

Do your hear your cat grinding teeth? Find out why and how to help.

My cat looks like she is grinding her teeth sometimes. Why does she do this? Cheryl  Jecht

This is a question best answered by her veterinarian. Teeth grinding can be a symptom of dehydration, which may mean your cat isn’t drinking enough water or that her kidneys aren’t working properly. If it’s just a matter of water consumption, you may be able encourage her to drink by:
•    Changing her water bowl (some cats prefer ceramic bowls over potentially taste-altering metal or plastic)
•    Buying her a fountain (running water can be more attractive)
•    Adding tasty drops (specially formulated for cats) to her water.

If it’s a more serious medical condition, your vet will offer her a treatment protocol.

To test for dehydration:
•    Pinch the skin between her shoulder blades. If she’s properly hydrated it will snap back into place.
•    Feel her gums (if she’ll let you). They should be moist but not sticky.

Your vet will also be able to rule out or address dental issues.

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