Cat Goes to High School, Gets Student ID, Becomes Least Awkward Student on Campus

Feline fans encouraged a San Jose school to give Bubba the cat a student ID.

School is back in session and that’s good news for Bubba the cat, who visits Leland High School in San Jose, Calif., every day.

Bubba the cat also attends classes and sporting events at Bret Harte Middle School next door, where two boys in his family attended. The family lives behind the two schools and despite trying to keep this cat indoors, Bubba knew school was cool. 

Amber Marienthal adopted the cat in 2009 and although her sons went to the middle school their cat attended “more for everyone,” she told the Mercury News.

“He’s really social and has no fear,” Marienthal says. She knows that along with that comes the chance that he could run into trouble. He’s been on field during high school soccer practice (waiting for someone to pet him) and locked overnight in a classroom. Still, he gets so much love and support from the schools and students it would be tough to tear him away.

He maintains an active Facebook page, and been written up in the high school’s newspaper, senior magazine and yearbook.

And the middle school students petitioned to have a statue erected in his honor. (It was denied.)

The biggest achievement, Marienthal says, like any good parent, is that he graduate.

“We’d love it if they let him do cap and gown in 2017,” she told the Mercury News.

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