Cat Lies In The Sun And Gets Fur Vacuumed Like It’s Totally Normal

For Bobo the cat, spa days include lounging in the sun and getting excess fur sucked away by a vacuum cleaner.

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"What? This isn't part of your beauty routine?"
Chrissa Hardy

Everyone has their own specific beauty routines. Some get luxurious facials and massages at the spa, while others prefer a DIY approach and apply face masks at home.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Krzysztof Smejlis, a cat named Bobo has a…. very unique beauty routine.

Via Krzysztof Smejlis/YouTube

“So this means I don’t need to take that flea medication, yes?” Via Krzysztof Smejlis/YouTube

Extreme relaxation for Bobo means finding a spot on the couch that’s directly in the sun, and allowing the suction of a vacuum cleaner hose to serve as a deep belly scratch and excess fur remover.

Via Krzysztof Smejlis/YouTube

“Yep, that’s the stuff. Keep scratchin’.” Via Krzysztof Smejlis/YouTube

Most cats and dogs are typically afraid – or at least wary – of the vacuum, so the fact that Bobo loves it so much is truly baffling.

Via Krzysztof Smejlis/YouTube

Finishing up with a kitty pedi. Via Krzysztof Smejlis/YouTube

Bobo even manages to snooze while the vacuum hose attachments are switched out and loudly move over his body from head to toe.

Bobo, you keep doing you.

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