Cat-Friendly Restaurant

It's quite a long trip to South Africa, but the Cafe de May is feline-friendly and fabulous.

There’s no shortage of dog-friendly restaurants but now I’ve found a cat-friendly one – in the dozy seaside town of Muizenberg in South Africa.
Admittedly, adding an airfare on to the check would make it expensive excursion, but the food and the fabulous service would almost justify it!

Café de May, is run by a Xavier Demay and his pretty French wife, Sandrine. (120 Main Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town.) Its ethnic African-Moroccan décor is charming but undoubtedly the best “accessories” are the couple’s two cats, Kiki and Nala, who happily greet guests and hang around the tables purring contentedly on the colorful Kelims.

I can’t imagine Fudge behaving herself on a visit to a restaurant. In fact, the only cat I know of was that ever frequented restaurants on a regular basis was a Scottish Fold named Norton, who in fact traveled the world with his owner author Peter Gethers. Gethers documented their hilarious adventures in “The Cat Who Went to Paris” and “A Cat Abroad” (Random House).

Gethers was a confirmed cat hater until the day he received a 6-week-old kitten as a gift. Walking the streets of New York with Norton tucked into his pocket, Gethers began forming an intense attachment to his new pet. Before long Norton was flying with his owner to Europe, sipping milk in Parisian cafes, and eating custom-made pizzas in Italy. And, the story goes, one time almost started a war over a sardine he didn’t like.

It would be fabulous to take This, That and The Other to Cafe De May but I can image the chaos that would ensue.


That Cat would definitely go and check out how Xavier makes his wonderful white and dark chocolate crepes and stick his nose in the frothy milk destined for the cappuccino.

We went several times during my recent stay. I can say I truly miss the wonderful bonhomie and the fabulous homemade baguettes.


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