Cat FREAKS OUT At The Sight Of A Cucumber

When this cat discovers an unexpected cucumber, it absolutely loses its mind.

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What the… cucumber?

When you notice something behind you that you didn’t know was there, it’s perfectly natural to be a little jumpy. But the cat in this YouTube video, recently uploaded by Doki Doki, takes “jumpy” to a whole new level.

The short video starts with the cat enjoying a treat of some kind in a bowl, completely unaware of the giant vegetable lurking behind it.

Once the meal is over, the cat slowly turns around and notices the long, green shape. Then BOOM. The cat loses its G-D mind and jumps as if there are springs attached to its feet, launching high into the air.

Behind you, cat! BEHIND YOUUUUU. Via YouTube

Behind you, cat! BEHIND YOUUUUU. Via YouTube

We guess this cat won’t be interested in snacking on cucumbers anytime soon.

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