Cat Foods To Thrive

What cat food should you choose for your cat?


Like most cat parents, you want more for your cats today. You want your cats to thrive, not just survive, from better environments (such as cat rooms and cat walks) to constant nutritional advancements. Today’s cat food manufacturers are creating specific diets to help your cat. Here are some of the specialized diet categories available for you to choose from today:

1.  Specific feline health conditions. Many cat food manufacturers are aware of this and produce foods that prevent and/or target such conditions as diabetes, urinary tract disease, osteoarthritis, sensitive stomachs, obesity and chronic hairballs. Some cat foods now focus on heart health and boosting immune systems.

2. Cat foods for all ages. Whether your cat is a kitten, adult  or senior, there is now a specially formulated cat food diet for that age group. 

3. Coat care diets. There are cat foods that focus on the cat’s fur, and they are formulated  to give your cat a healthy, beautiful and glowing coat.

4. Indoor living. Some cat food diets focus on the needs of cats that live indoors.

5. Future genomics cat diets. Potentially more intriguing is the future application of genomics to pet food products. Human research has identified certain genes that signal whether antioxidants will be effective in deterring heart disease, for example, in individuals who have that gene. Similar work is now being done with dogs.

The upshot is that sometime in the future, pet owners will be able to get a thorough genetic analysis of their pet and will buy products customized to optimize the genetic potential of that individual animal. For example, a cat with a predisposition toward obesity could be steered toward a weight control diet and exercise plan.

Whether now or in the future, your choices for cat food has grown throughout the years. Now you can pick the best cat food diet for your cat’s specific needs. So do some research and talk to your vet and make the best choice to ensure your cat doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

The more educated you become about what’s available, the better the quality of life you can provide for your cat no matter what her condition.

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