Cat Food Recall Updates

As developments occur, stay informed about the Menu Foods cat food recall.

For a complete list of pet foods currently under recall, click here.

Tips to Avoid Tainted Cat Foods
More than 84 percent of surveyed renters said they own pets. More>>

Pet Food Cautions
Certain human foods and household plants can be harmful to your pet. Keep these items out of your cat’s reach. More>>

Avoid Pet Poisonings
In honor of National Poison Prevention Week, find out what common household items can be dangerous to your pet. More>>

Death Toll Rises in Pet Food Recall (Updated: 03-21-07)
The FDA says cats appear to be more susceptible to illness than dogs. More>>

Advice for Pet Owners Regarding the Cat Food Recall (Updated: 03-22-07)
The American Veterinary Medical Association offers guidance. More>>

Cause of Food-Related Cat Deaths Still Unknown (Updated: 03-22-07)
A class-action lawsuit could be imminent against Menu Foods. More>>

Rat Poison Blamed for Contaminated Pet Food (Updated: 03-23-07)
The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets says lab tests discovered the toxin. More>>

Cat Food Recall Expands (Updated: 03-23-07)
All manufacture dates of Menu Foods products are now being recalled. More>>

Company Says Its Cat Food Not Recalled (Updated: 03-24-07)
Evanger’s says reports that its pet food is among those recalled are wrong. More>>

Other Contaminants Might Be Behind Pet Deaths (Updated: 03-29-07)
The ASPCA’s animal poison control center weighs in on the pet food recall. More>>

New Toxin Found in Recalled Cat Food (Updated: 03-30-07)
The FDA and Menu Foods say a plastic, not rat poison, was the tainted ingredient. More>>

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Recalls Cat Food (Updated: 03-31-07)
Prescription Diet Feline dry food might contain bad wheat gluten. More>>

More Companies Recall Pet Food (Updated: 04-03-07)
Precautionary measures are taken due to tainted wheat gluten.

Salmonella Contamination Forces Pet Treats Recall (Updated: 04-03-07)
Eight In One recalls jerky treats for cats and dogs. More>>

More Dry Pet Food Products Recalled (Updated: 04-05-07)
Sunshine Mills recalls treats, and Menu Foods expands list of affected brands.

Additional Dog and Cat Foods Recalled (Updated: 04-06-07)
Menu Foods expands its list of affected brands, and Sunshine Mills recalls treats. More>>

Cat Kidney Failure Cases Rise 30 Percent (04-11-07)
The increase coincides with the tainted pet food recall, a pet hospital chain says. More>>

Senate to Hear Pet Food Recall Testimony (04-11-07)
The hearing is slated for April 12 and might be televised on C-SPAN. More>>

More Cat Food Recalled (Updated: 04-11-07)
Royal Canin says Medi-Cal Feline Dissolution Formula may be contaminated. More>>

Even More Cat Food Recalled (Updated: 04-12-07)
Menu Foods recalls more cat food items traced to contaminated wheat gluten. More>>

Senators Grill Pet Industry at the Pet Food Recall Hearing (Updated: 04-12-07)
The committee questions the FDA’s management and response to the pet food recall. More>>

Recalled Pet Food Might Remain on Shelves (Updated: 04-13-07)
The FDA warns that not all stores are complying with the pet food recall. More>>

Cat Owners Still Confused About Pet Food Recall, Survey Finds (Updated: 04-17-07)
A recent study shows that cat owners remain concerned and confused about what to feed their cats following the pet food recall. More>>

Natural Balance Pet Foods Recalled (Updated: 04-17-07)
Items are suspected in a recent round of pet illnesses. More>>

Additional Menu Foods’ Pet Food Recalled (Updated: 04-18-07)
Vegetarian dog food is taken off the market because of suspected contamination. More>>

Pet Food Recall Expands to Wheat-Free Products (Updated: 04-18-07)
Melamine still the prime suspect in the latest pet food recall. More>>

Recalled Cat Foods (Updated: 04-18-07)
The following cat food brands have been recalled by their maker, Menu Foods, because of a contamination that could cause kidney failure. More>>

Blue Buffalo Kitten Dry Food Recalled (Updated: 04-19-07)
Rice protein concentrate could be contaminated. More>>

Melamine in Recalled Pet Food Might Have Been Intentional (Updated: 04-19-07)
Toxic ingredient might have been used to increase protein content, FDA said.djghsdjgh. More>>

Royal Canin Recalls Dry Dog & Cat Food (Updated: 04-20-07)
Melamine was found in rice protein concentrate. More>>

Chenango Valley Recalls Dog and Cat Foods (Updated: 04-26-07)
Products could be tainted with the chemical melamine. More>>

Diamond Recalls 3 Canned Pet Food Items (Updated: 04-27-07)
Products might be contaminated with melamine. More>>

Canine Caviar Recalls Gourmet Turkey and Beaver Cans (Updated: 04-27-07)
Free coupons are being offered for the recall inconvenience. More>>

More Than 200 Additional Dog and Cat Foods Recalled (Updated: 05-03-07)
Testing indicates cross-contamination, Menu Foods says. More>>

Senate Agrees to Stricter Pet Food Controls (Updated: 05-04-07)
The decision is in response to the ongoing pet food recall. More>>

Wheat Flour, Not Gluten or Rice, to Blame (Updated: 05-09-07)
The contaminated pet food recall products have caused the illnesses and deaths of cats across North America. More>>

More Pet Food Recalls (Updated: 05-15-07) 
Royal Canin USA recalls and pulls one cat food and 14 dog foods from the market. More>>

Chenango Valley Expands Dry Pet Food Recall (Updated: 05-18-07)
The possibility of cross-contamination is feared. More>>

Two More Pet Foods Recalled (Updated: 05-23-07)
One cat food and a dog food accidentally were left off a previous pet food recall list. More>>

Survey: Consumer Confidence in Pet Food High (Updated: 05-24-07)
Seventy percent of respondents have favorable opinions toward pet food despite the recall. More>>

Salmonella Suspected in Latest Recalled Dog Food (Updated: 06-08-07)
Some of Wal-Mart’s Ol’Roy Complete Nutrition dry dog food is being recalled by its manufacturer Doane Pet Care of Manassas, Va., because of possible contamination with salmonella. More>>

Acetaminophen in Cat Food Discovered (Updated: 06-08-07)
Acetaminophen found in pet food poses greatest risk to cats, the ASPCA said. More>>

No Acetaminophen in Cat Food, FDA Says (Updated: 06-14-07)
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration finds no evidence to support an earlier report that acetaminophen contaminated cat food. More>>

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