Cat Foils Home Break-In

We used the word "foils" but this cat destroys a would-be intruder to a level that deserves a stronger f-word.

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When a home-invader threatened Binky's owner, it was go time. Via WTHR
Anastasia Thrift

Want to take down home intruders? There’s a name that will strike fear in the hearts of burglars everywhere: Binky.

Binky the cat stopped a potential burglar from breaking into a home in Indianapolis, Indiana, WTHR reports. Cynthia Kootz, Binky’s owner, awoke around midnight Wednesday to a man banging and kicking on her front patio door, asking to be let in. When he wasn’t let in, he attempted to find a way inside himself through a window.

This isn’t Binky, it’s a reminder: Don’t piss off cats, FYI.

“The next thing I knew, his hand went through that thing and then Binky went after him,” Kootz said to WTHR.

The intruder tried a second time to let himself in through the window and Binky attacked once more.

While Binky was deterring the intruder, Kootz called 911. Police apprehended the suspect, who was bleeding, and took him into custody.

To top it off, Binky did it all with his teeth. He’s a declawed cat. Imagine what he could have done with his claws intact. Truly, there might be no more fearsome a prospect to burglars than that of tangling with Binky with claws.

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