Cat Finds Home After Five Years

Thanks to a microchip, a cat returns home after being lost for five years.

It couldn’t be true, Virginia Fryback of Fort Wayne, Ind., thought. The cat Fryback lost five years ago, Charlie, was back, thanks to a microchip.

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Fryback had searched and searched, to no avail, for years. Then, thanks to animal control officers who made a routine scan of 10-year-old Charlie when he showed up at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, he came back into her arms again.

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“We routinely scan all lost pets for a microchip, and it’s wonderful when we find one and can notify an owner that we have their lost pet,” said Animal Control spokeswoman Peggy A. Bender. “The chip has likely saved Charlie’s life because most people choose to adopt a much younger cat.”

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Implanting microchips in cats or kittens can save lives. It will increase your pet’s well-being and your own peace of mind. Basically, a microchip is a little transponder — and by little we mean a grain of rice — that is implanted with a syringe by a veterinarian or animal shelter right under the skin, between the shoulder blades. Some microchips have the capability of opening pet doors, too.

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