Cat Finds Genius Way To Get Baby To Lie Down

This cat has found a brilliant way to get a kid to lie down and take a nap.

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"Time to go to sleep, kiddo."
Chrissa Hardy

Getting children to go to sleep can be an endlessly stressful ordeal. They fight sleep, pretend they aren’t tired, refuse to brush their teeth, and then request at least six books to be read to them before the lights go out. But one cat found a brilliantly simple solution.

A video of a cat and a baby hanging out together, shared on YouTube by ***FunnyBabies&CutePets *** in 2015 and making the rounds again, reveals the simple trick.

In the video, the cat suddenly decides that the kiddo should be napping, and uses its face to nudge the baby down onto his back.

It’s a gentle, yet effective nudge, as the baby lies back without complaint.

Then the baby sits back up, and starts playing with the cat again. The cat responds with a few more light headbutts, basically saying, “No no. It’s naptime. You lie down and go to sleep.”

OK, so it’s not an ideal way for humans to convince their kids to go to sleep, but it sure is cute when a cat does it!

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