Cat Becomes Father Of (Bearded) Dragons

Whether their bond is more father-children or three best buds, this interspecies bond is absolutely adorable.

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Don't mess with his dragons or he'll unleash the beast within. Via charles_the_dragon/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Why do we all love interspecies friendships so much?

It’s probably because it proves that love comes in all colors, shapes and forms. And when an unbreakable bond is created, it doesn’t matter what you are or how you look. The bond is eternal, and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

And one particularly unexpected interspecies bond happened between a cat and two bearded dragons. This is Mr. Baby, a cat, Miss Charles Beardie, a bearded dragon, and the family’s newest addition, Little Dude, another bearded dragon.

Their owners share their daily adventures together on Instagram (@charles_the_dragon). But it all started with the undeniable connection between Charles and Baby.

Charles and Baby’s owners brought these two kiddos together through marriage, and the Virginia couple were unsure how their pets would react toward each other.

As it turned out, Baby and Charles hit it off right away. They love to snuggle.

They protect the house together.

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They sleep and spoon together like the sweet cuddle buddies they are.

They’re great at sharing.

They even eat together!

Little Dude is new to the crew, and is still adjusting to his new family.


But no matter how long it takes for the tight duo to become an inseparable trio, it’s clear that Mr. Baby will protect his bearded buddies no matter what. And the feeling seems to be mutual.

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