Fancy Cat Rocks High-End Fashion Like Effie Trinket From ‘Hunger Games’

A cat named Pitzush is all about that glam life. So much so, that her fashion choices look a lot like what Effie Trinket would wear.

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Darling of the Capitol, indeed. Via pussinglam/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Fancy, high-end cat fashion probably isn’t something you knew you needed in life, but you’re about to become addicted.

A cat named Pitzush is dominating the feline fashion game right now, possibly because there are so few other players, but also because she is a glamorous little diva.

Her Instagram account is packed with mind-blowing looks and she has more than 11,000 followers. Her style is interesting, colorful and strange, in a way that’ll remind you of Effie Trinket’s bold looks from “The Hunger Games” series.

Much like Effie, Pitzush (or her owner, rather) makes choices that are unconventional and will make you do a double take.

Via Giphy

Effie would SO approve. Via Giphy

Example: fake neon lashes. No human needs fake neon eyelashes let alone a cat. (And good luck trying that on your own cat! Actually, scratch that. You probably shouldn’t even try.)

But even though Pitzush’s style isn’t easy or sensible to replicate, it doesn’t make her any less fabulous.

Here are some of her best looks yet.

1. Cat Couture

Detail! #pitzush

A photo posted by Pitzush Puss In Glam (@pussinglam) on

“So many options, and still nothing to wear…”

2. Puss In Purrrls

“On a scale of 1 to fabulous, I’m a 20.”

3. Boho Beauty

“Oh, this old thing? I just threw it on.”

4. Camera-Ready Smile

“Yes, I am aware my smile can light up a room.”

5. Bed Of Jewels

“So, you don’t sleep next to your bling?”

6. Pawsitively Chic

“I looked in the mirror and it was love at first sight.”

7. Purrfect Peepers

“Go ahead. Get lost in my eyes. I’ll allow it.”

8. Furever Fab

Cooler than all the humans.

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