Cat Oversees 7-Acre Farm Like A Little Cat King

Teton the cat likes to oversee his land and royal farm subjects from his throne atop a mini horse.

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Bow down. King Teton approaches. Via Joanna Shaw /The Dodo

Cats like to be in charge. And sometimes, when they’re in a generous mood, they’ll let their humans feel like they’re the ones calling the shots.

But on Snowfall Ranch, a 7-acre farm in Elizabeth, Colorado, there is no question as to who is actually running the show — because it’s clearly Teton the cat.

Teton’s role originally was to keep the mice in check, but has expanded to so much more, as reported by The Dodo.

Even as a kitten, Teton acted bigger than he was, by playing with the horses, goats, ponies and a donkey. That eventually led to him riding around on the backs of the donkey and the miniature horses. Like royalty, he surveys his sprawling land from his cozy seat atop his animal transport.

This cat is truly the King of the farm. Via Snowfall Ranch/Facebook

This cat is truly the King of the farm. Via Snowfall Ranch/Facebook

And apparently, he has a particular reason for staying up high.

“He tends to ride them more in snow with the belief being he doesn’t want to get paws wet,” owner Joanna Shaw told The Dodo.

Teton is truly a little farm king.

All hail King Teton!

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