Cat Fans: Vote for the Next Great Invention for Cats

Choose from three inventions that help cats and their people work together.

Cats and their parents can now come together and invent things. Meow Mix has launched Catstarter, a website that helps bring to life ideas cats will love. Through Apr. 11, 2014, voters will decide on three projects. The project with the most votes at the end will be created and distributed to randomly selected cat aficionados who have entered for a chance to win.

Kimberly Rom, senior brand manager for Meow Mix says, “For the first time, pet parents are in the driver’s seat to select the next product that will make mealtime more memorable or playtime more playful.”

Check out the revived Meow Mix jingle >>

Meow Mix’s team wanted to create something that made eating, playing and living together with your cat better. Site visitors can choose from “Twister Dish,” a food bowl designed so cats can get every food morsel; “#MealMachine,” a tool that allows them to feed their cat from Twitter; or “Hot Keys,” a miniature keyboard bed that attaches to the computer and warms up as you type away.

Which cat innovation would you choose? Click here to vote for one of three inventions, and sign up for a chance to win the invention with the most votes >>

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