CAT FANCY’s Most Unusual Cat Names Contest Finalists

The October CAT FANCY features the top five most unusual cat names. The 15 unique cat names here almost took top honors! See which cat you might have voted for.

Tyrant Tumultuous Tabby
Debra Jean Hopkins
Vista, Calif.

My cat’s name is Tyrant Tumultuous Tabby because he IS a tyrant (he insists on having the dinner from MY plate), and our relationship is tumultuous. He constantly pounds on my bedroom window with his paw at 3 or 4 a.m. so he can stare at … nothing!

Bill Koranda

Our cat is named Spidey. We found her as a kitten, all dull and dirty. We brought her home and, while cleaning her up, my wife said “With those long legs, she’s like a spider monkey.” Spidey is really both spider and monkey – she pounces and likes to climb.

Soapy Dove Bubbles
Diana Marie Maduzia
Barrington, Ill.

My cat’s name is Soapy Dove Bubbles. “Soapy” was chosen for her fascination when I wash dishes. “Dove” was chosen due to the sound she makes which my husband and I think resembles a mourning dove (oo-waoh). “Bubbles” was chosen to express her effervescent personality. I love her!

Sir Niles Pinkston of Chelsea II
Judy Polstra
Plantation, Fla.

Sir Niles Pinkston of Chelsea II is a 5-year-old Siamese rescue from the Humane Society. His previous owners left him when their home was foreclosed on. The Humane Society called him Pinky. We thought he needed something more dignified and wanted to keep part of his HS name. I was always a fan of the show Frasier, and we live in a neighborhood called Chelsea II.

Novel Paige
Tracy Paige
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

My shorthair cat is Novel Paige. My last name is Paige, so hers is, too. I work in a library, so I wanted something “booky” for her name without going for the obvious.

Gadget Mayhem

My cat’s name is Gadget Mayhem. He was rescued from the pound last June. I named him gadget because he is marked funny, he’s so cute, and he doesn’t have a tail. His middle name is Mayhem because he creates chaos wherever he goes. I adore him!

Social Skills Boy Braden
Kathy Braden
Louisville, Ky.

He will sit on our other cats and get in odd situations. He just doesn’t have a clue! He also likes to give continuous baths to the other cats. We kept saying that he needed some serious social skills, and the name stuck.

That’s It
Karen Smith
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Our teenage daughter had clearly lost patience with her cat-crazy parents when we brought home our fourth cat. As we brainstormed names, she said, “That’s it!” “That’s it?” we asked. “Yes,” she announced. So when anyone asks how many cats we have, I can say “Three – and that’s it!”

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