CAT FANCY’s Best Animal Friends Contest Runners Up

The November 2011 CAT FANCY showcased top cat companions. Here are some additional cat pals of note!

Cuddles and Chico
Annie Hannah
Southampton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cuddles and Chico have been best buddies since they were little. They always enjoy playing, annoying each other and sleeping together. When we took Cuddles to the vet to get him neutered Chico kept moping around and looking for him. When we brought Cuddles back home we had to keep them separated for a week. They would both lie by the closed door and whine. Once the week was up they were allowed to be together again, and they had a blast, playing and fooling around until they fell asleep on the bed side by side.

Ryker and Kailee
Julie Zuckschwerdt
Caldwell, Idaho
Ryker has loved Kailee since she was a kitten. He loves to snuggle with her and knead on her paws. His love for Kailee has only grown stronger as they both grow older and will continue on.

Maizy Lou and Bindi
Lauren Tenne
Marlton, N.J.
My cat, Maizy Lou, and my parrot, Bindi, are good friends. I couldn’t believe it myself. When I brought Bindi home I wasn’t sure how Maizy Lou would feel about it. But Maizy adapted very well and loves spending time with Bindi. They usually both chill on the couch with me at night. Bindi likes to sit on Maizy’s back and follow her around the apartment.

Deak and his frog buddy
Amanda Harger
Dunnellon, Fla.
Deak’s best buddy is a stuffed frog that ribbits. From the moment I showed him the frog they were inseparable. I tried to show the frog to the other cats, but Deak wouldn’t have that. He’d grab the frog and take it to his bed. No kitty can ever has his frog!

Conway and his stuffed tiger
Dori Pacheco
Somerset, Mass.
Our Bengal, Conway, loves stuffed animals. There are two in particular that she loves the most – a tiger and a teddy bear. She loves to walk around the house with them and climb the cat tree with them. She sleeps with them, too. When our other three cats don’t want to play with Conway, she will play with her stuffed friends.

Vernon and Henry

Kristine Carrington
Chenango Forks, N.Y.
Vernon’s best buddy is Henry the octopus. Vernon likes to knead away his troubles on one of Henry’s many legs.

Tabby and Lacey
Dan Gallagher
Onalaska, Wis.
Tabby and Lacey became BFFs when Tabby “adopted” herself into the family after being dumped at a friend’s farm. They also live with two dogs but seem to enjoy one another the best. They often groom each other or just touch noses to show their affection.

Salem and Nessie
Annje Hultgren
A friend in Scotland sent me a package containing a miniature toy Loch Ness Monster. When I removed it from the package, Salem, my Oriental Shorthair, flew through the air out of nowhere, grabbing Nessie from me and claiming it as his own. He has been inseparable from his “baby” ever since.

Sissy Cat Lee and Chipper
Angela Lee
Bude, Miss.
Sissy Cat Lee’s favorite animal friend is her stuffed chipmunk, Chipper. She carries him around in her mouth and talks to him. Sissy is usually very shy. When there are visitors at the house, she runs upstairs and hides. But with Chipper she is not shy at all.

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