CAT FANCY Editor’s Note

Spring into Cleaning

Few things are as associated with spring as cleaning. If your home is like mine, it’s a bit disheveled by the time spring rolls around after holiday parties and decorations. I’ve found holiday food that had been left in the refrigerator and forgotten, cookie crumbs under couch cushions and cat hair everywhere. The longer daylight hours reveal the dust bunnies lounging on the drapes. And now that the days are longer, I’m motivated to clean it all up.

If cleaning is what you’ll be up to this spring, you’ll find some new products on page 22 that can help you in your efforts. If you’re sensitive like I am and afraid of harsh chemicals, check out the natural alternatives in “Spic and Span” on page 32.

**Get the March 2008 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

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