CAT FANCY Editor Susan Logan Live Interview

Susan Logan joins "The Pet Radio Show" Sep. 1 to talk about cat DNA, grooming tips and ideas to play with your cat.

CAT FANCY Editor Susan Logan will discuss grooming tips, ideas to play with your cat and recent DNA testing that reveals cats’ geographic origins at 1 p.m. EST during a live radio interview.

“October’s CAT FANCY features breathtaking black cats, from our contest winners to the beautiful Bombay cat breed,” Logan says.

“We have head-to-toe grooming tips and the tools to use, ideas to spice up your cat’s play time and even get senior and overweight cats to move, the secrets of catnip and how it brings on feline euphoria and how one geneticist traveled the world cheek swabbing cats to unravel the mysteries of cats’ origins.”

Logan will join host Robert Hudson on the Pet Radio Show, an hour-long internet radio show for pet enthusiasts. You can listen live, or check out the archived show, here.

The show is part of a weekly series that discusses dogs, cats, small pet mammals and other pets, with featured animal experts.

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