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Cat Fan Wins Wimbledon

Copying cat style helps Marion Bartoli become the latest Wimbledon champion.

Copying cat style helps Marion Bartoli become the latest Wimbledon champion.

Game, Set, CatNap
Nothing says, “Fetch!” like a dog with a tennis ball. Dogs have ruled supreme when it comes to chasing down this iconic bouncy yellow ball. Cats will have none of that chasing-something-that-doesn’t-resemble-prey … cats expect a little more realism … a toy mouse or feathered wand, please! But wait! Cats prove that they are the ones in control on and off the tennis court — they are inspiring tennis champions.

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On July 6, Marion Bartoli of France won the crème de la crème of tennis championships — Wimbledon — by outlasting Germany’s Sabine Lisicki in the women’s final. Bartoli is a two-cat owning tennis player who proudly refers to herself a cat lady. Her tennis style is cat-like, too. She had the tennis community talking after she finished a 20-minute catnap moments before stepping onto the court for the semi-final match that moved her into the final — unimaginable in a sport where players visualize each and every serve and volley before setting foot on the court … not napping in the middle of day like every cat on planet.

A post-Wimbledon Huffington Post article describes Bartoli’s style of play this way: “Wimbledon’s newest champion is awkward — with a jumping, twitching, fidgeting routine before each point, a service motion that includes no bouncing of the ball and a windup that begins with crossed wrists before she uncoils by arching her back, stretching her unbent arm behind her head, then tossing the ball.” Let’s see … jumping, twitching, arching her back … classic cat posturing … perhaps she is envisioning a feathered wand above the tennis court?

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