Curiosity Causes Cat To Fall Into The Bathtub

A curious cat seems determined to check out a floating tube in the tub. But it's too bad the cat forgot about the bath water.

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"I think I'll hop onto that tube over there. What could possibly go wrong?"
Chrissa Hardy

Curiosity might not always kill the cat, but sometimes it does bring a certain amount of drama along with it.

In a video uploaded to YouTube in February (but is still making the viral rounds), a cat is extremely intrigued by a floating tube in a bathtub.

It spends a long time scoping out the scene — probably trying figuring out how to land on the tube without touching the water. Once a plan seems to be in place, the cat takes action.

Unfortunately for the cat, there’s a hole in the middle of the tube leading straight to the water. Apparently the cat didn’t see the hole, because it jumps right through the tube and resurfaces looking shocked, appalled and extremely wet as it claws its way to the edge of the tub.

Maybe next time, just observe from the safe dryness of the tub ledge. Eh, cat?

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