Cat Facts: The App You Never Asked For

A cat-themed prank goes to app status.

Attention frenemies – there’s a new, fun, cat-centric way to annoy people. “Cat Facts,”  first a prank posted on Reddit, is now a new cat app.

Cat Facts works like so. You, disguised as an automated service called “Cat Facts” deluge someone’s text inbox with random cat tidbits. You next offer them a fake way to cancel and then keep sending more cat info. It’s awful and it’s genius.

cat facts

Reddit user “frackyou” posted the original prank, above, about two years ago. He’d played it on his younger cousin who had posted a phone number to Facebook (good lookin’ out, older cousin – tell those youth to protect their identity). The user put the story on Reddit and the post became one of the Top 10 posts on the aggregated “front page of the internet.”

The app lets you be the prankster, bombarding your friends and family with cat factoids. It’s available now on Android phones, but who knows what future devices we might soon use to bug the bejeesus out of someone.

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