Cat Facing Long Recovery After Being Lured From Home And Attacked

Two-year-old Banks could barely walk when he returned to his San Jose, California, home.

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The veterinarian who treated Banks said the cat's injuries were some of the worst he had seen. Via Corissa Hulick/GoFundMe

A cat named Banks is back home but has a long recovery ahead of him after being violently attacked.

The 2-year-old cat was lured away out of his San Jose, California, back yard and then believed to have been savagely beaten by an as-yet-unidentified attacker, ABC7 reports. When Banks finally made it home, almost a full 24 hours after disappearing, he could barely walk due to his injuries.

“I’m grateful he was able to come home, but I can’t imagine the hours spent in so much pain,” Banks’ owner, Corissa Hulick, told the news station.

Banks had to undergo surgery to repair a broken jaw and currently has to be fed through a tube. He also had a puncture wound on his back and a hematoma on his chest. Hulick said that Banks’ veterinary bills have already added up to more than $3,500, and she has set up a GoFundMe to help cover some of the costs.

“After taking him to the vet, I learned that what happened to him was deliberate and not the cause of an animal fight or car, there were no other apparent wounds that would suggest anything other than a deliberate cruel act at the hands of a human,” she wrote on the fundraising page. “The vet said that this is the worst case he had seen in over 15 years.”

Hulick plans to report the crime to the police, the news station said. Hopefully Banks will have a full recovery and, just as importantly, whoever was responsible for this will be found.

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