“Cat Eyes” Takes On a Whole New Meaning

Tal Peleg creates what may be the best eye makeup design we’ve seen for cat lovers.

Are you looking for a new and creative way to do your eye makeup? Perhaps you’re tired of neutral colors or just want something different every now and then. As cat lovers, why not make your eyes feline fancy?

Tal Peleg, a visual artist out of Israel who specializes in photography and makeup, has created some of the most unique and detailed eye makeup I’ve seen. While she does a variety of designs, the ones that especially caught my attention were the cat ones. Even though I’m not sure I’d go to work with a cat drawn on my eyelid, I do think these are pretty cool. Check them out:

To see Tal Peleg’s other designs, check out her Instagram page.

What do you think of these “cat eyes”? Would you do your eye makeup like this?

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