Cat Expertly Uses Death Stare To Shut Up Barking Dog

All it takes is a cold, hard stare from a cat to show a dog who's boss.

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"Don't make me turn this bed around."
Stephanie Brown

Remember being a kid and fighting in the back seat of the car with your brother or sister over something really stupid, like who could do the best cannonball? All it took was one look from Mom to shut you up. (Yeah, you know The Look).

Moms use The Look well, but they ain’t got nothing on this cat.

In a video uploaded to YouTube Thursday by Devon Meadows, a cat named Greyscale uses nothing but a steely glare to quiet a barking dog.

The dog, named Chazz, is standing on a bed barking away as dogs often do when in comes Greyscale, who has zero patience for such nonsense. All the cat has to do is show its face, and Chazz quickly gets the message: Sit down and shut up.


“Did you say something? Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Via Devon Meadows/YouTube

The purpose of the video, Meadows writes in the video’s description, was to see how much Chazz barks when no one is home. Turns out not very much, thanks to Greyscale.

Moms, take note.

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