Cat Expertly Photobombs Entire Family

This is what happens when you forget to include the cat in the group photo.

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"I'm just going to set myself up riiiiiight here." Via Linkinstreet/Reddit

So you and your family have gathered for one of the few times during the year when you’re not only within the same zip code, but you’re all underneath the same roof. You somehow manage to herd everyone into the living room and — whether you had to hand out bribes or just mutter a few threats under your breath — you still got them all agree to take a group picture. You’ll carefully set the self-timer on the camera, hustle to the sofa to take your place during its 10 second countdown and… 3… 2… 1… CAT!

We don’t know the actual backstory behind this picture that was posted to Reddit by user Linkinstreet, but we do know that it belongs in the Photobomb Hall of Fame. Everything about it is amazing, from the cat’s wide-eyed facial expression, to his carefully placed paws, to the blurred poses of the group  — at least 16 people! — standing expectantly behind him.

“He knew exactly what he was doing,” one Reddit commenter said, and it’s easy to believe that’s true. Maybe that’s why it’s so perfect.

Dogs are experts at photobombing, too. Via Giphy

Dogs are experts at photobombing, too. Via Giphy

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