Cat Exercises

Regular exercise can benefit your cat. Try one of these eight ideas to enliven your cat's playtime.

Playful cayAssuming your cat has a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, a feline exercise program can benefit any cat, regardless of weight condition. Try these cat exercises:

1. Use an interactive toy with feathers on the end. Move it like a bird to encourage your cat to leap and stretch.

2. Slither snakelike toys up and down stairs. These toys are also great for going up and over the tops of sofas.

3. Set up boxes, bags and soft-sided tunnels to create an obstacle course for your interactive exercise session. If you can’t find the soft-sided tunnels, make tunnels of your own by turning boxes upside down and cutting entrance and exit holes.

4. A small ball in a box works as a mini racquetball court.

5. Use your interactive toy around a tall, sturdy scratching post to encourage your cat to scratch. This causes a full stretch, which helps tone the muscles in the shoulders and back.

6. Invest in a multi-tiered cat tree so your cat can jump from one perch to the other during play. This exercise improves balance and coordination.

7. Plastic caps from milk jugs make great hockey pucks. Drop one on the kitchen floor to work on your cat’s speed and coordination.

8. Don’t forget to laugh. I will do wonders for you emotionally and physically. Your cat will pick up on your good mood and everyone will have a good time.

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