Cat Escapes Carrier On Delta Flight, Blatantly Defies Flight Attendant’s Orders

A cat caused a bit of a ruckus on a recent Delta flight when it decided to ditch its carrier and take a little stroll down the aisle.

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A cat made for an interesting Delta flight this weekend.

Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight Saturday heard an unusual announcement from one of the flight attendants… and one person didn’t miss a beat, catching it all on camera.

“Whoever’s cat this is please come and… ,” the unidentified flight attendant says in a video uploaded to YouTube. “Wake them up if you see them with the cat carrier. I need them to come and get their pet.”

The video, posted by by Kandra Covert, shows the tortoiseshell feline strolling down the aisle of the aircraft, seemingly wanting to stretch his or her legs because don’t we all? As the cat heads toward the galley, the flight attendant is seen snapping her fingers — and scolding the cat to “stay right there” — in an attempt to advert the kitty adventure. The cat, per the usual, ignores the commands and instead continues to explore the plane.

"Excuse me, Cat ... you must remain seated when the seat belt light is on!" Via YouTube

“Excuse me, Cat, you must remain seated when the seat belt light is on!” Via Kandra Covert/YouTube

As one woman approaches the cat, the attendant is heard saying she owns a cat, but this cat doesn’t know her. Eventually, a second woman with carrier in hand comes to collect the wandering four-legged passenger.

"Can someone help me find my carry-on bag, please?" Via YouTube

“Can someone help me find my carry-on bag, please?” Via Kandra Covert/YouTube

No flight information was provided, but we think the destination could have been Mew York or Ho Chi Minh Kitty.

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