Cat Enthusiastically Shows His Excitement that His Human is Home

This cat is exploding with happiness.

Every cat I’ve ever had has never really cared that I came back home after a day at school or work. They looked at me with that “Oh, it’s you. I forgot you weren’t here. Now give me food.” kind of look. I choose to believe that they were all just cleverly masking their excitement, since it would have been un-catlike to do otherwise. (None of my cats would dare behave like my dogs.)

But the cat in the video posted on Imgur by Datsun280zxt has no such reservations. He doesn’t care if he’s acting like a dog. He’s excited his human is home and he’s going to unabashedly show it. I’m guessing my cats would have looked on in judgment as the cat in the video jumps so happily and to his heart’s content.

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We’re guessing his human was just as happy to see him.


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