Cat Drags Food From Bowl

Why do cats take their meals out of dishes and into their "lairs" -- aka corners of the room?

Why does my cat drag food out of his bowl and take it somewhere else to eat? Pauline Varley

Your cat might be trying to stay ahead of the pack, even if he’s the only cat around and you’ve never given him any reason to believe that you’d like to share his meal with him. You never can be too careful. If he grabs some food and runs away, you won’t know where he’s gone or that he nabbed a delicious morsel on his way out of town (or the kitchen). Of course, by guarding one particular bite he’s left the rest of his bowl unprotected. Removing his food to consume it elsewhere could also be your kitty’s way of forgetting that his meals come from a can and/or a bag someone else caught and killed for him. That bowl will be out of sight, out of mind and he can imagine he’s feasting on a delicious carcass he took down on an epic hunt.

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