Cat, Dog Breeding Bill Fails to Advance

Oklahoma House Bill 1332 sought to regulate cat, dog breeders and dealers.

Oklahoma House Bill 1332, which sought to make it unlawful for persons to sell, give away or transfer a certain number of dogs or cats without a license, has failed to make it through a Senate committee.

HB 1332, known as the Pet Quality Assurance and Protection Act, was introduced as a bill to regulate the breeding of dogs and cats in the state. Not enough signatures were obtained in order for the legislation to be approved out of the Senate General Conference Committee on Appropriations.

The bill required the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture to license and regulate individuals, shelters or businesses that acquire or sell 35 pets in a year within the state. In addition, HB 1332 sought to create rules consistent with current USDA standards governing the housing and care of animals, management of dealer/breeder facilities, and the maintenance of records.

The bill died in conference committee after opposition from breeders and dog owners in Oklahoma who said it unfairly targeted responsible breeders.

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