Cat Does Doggy Paddle Better Than Any Dog

This cat could swim circles around all the pups paddling in the pool.

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Look out, pups! This cat is here to out-swim you.
Chrissa Hardy

Dogs are known for their love of playing in water. So known, in fact, that they even have a stroke named after them, “the doggy paddle.”

But they aren’t the only pawed paddlers who like to swim. A cat shown in this video uploaded to YouTube by SashaTHECAT2012 could swim circles around most pups.

Sasha’s in the pool with her owners and looks completely comfortable doing laps. Perhaps she’s part-fish?

Eventually her owner comes over to her and lets Sasha have a break from her purr-fect doggy paddle. But she looks immediately ready to get back out there on her own.

Nothing can stop this little swim-machine. Next stop, the Olympics!

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